About Me

Myself, my son Dylan, my wife Jenny

Tyler and Dylan

Who am I? One of the many questions we seek to answer and come to grips with in our lives. The answer to this question for me is multilayered. I am a husband to a woman that I cherish and love with all my heart. I am a father to a son that inspires me to be better every day. I am a bonus dad to a son that has taught more about myself and being a dad than he will ever know; I hate that those lessons are a result of the mistakes that I made with him. I am a friend to a few, but try to be friendly to all. I am a pursuer of God who knows God, but doesn’t know God. I am also a son, brother, uncle, nephew, grandson, and cousin. I am an employee, possibly an enemy, and a stranger. I am many labels to many different people, but not just one of those labels or titles define who I am. I am the sum of all those titles and labels. All of them identify who I am on a certain level, and just as those labels or titles change I also change. Actually, who I am is in constant flux not just becausea label or title changes, but because I am growing and evolving everyday.

This is who I am!


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