In Honor of Sam I Am

Sam I Am12/07/2002 – 09/07/2017

There is a bond between a human and a dog that is forged in a moment and grows stronger over the years. Our bond was forged six years ago on May 22, 2011. I find myself replaying that moment over and over in my mind. I remember Keith being surprised by your actions, and her explaining to me and Jenny how you had never jumped in anyone’s lap. It was your way of letting Keith, and us, know that you had chosen me and Jenny to be your adoptive/retirement parents. We wanted you, but it was amazing how in that one moment you made us feel wanted. At times I have said that we adopted you, but in reality you adopted us.
Tonight I can’t help but wonder: Why did you choose us? 
That day I watched you as you walked around the backyard among the other dogs doing your own thing. I’ve often wondered if you jumped in our laps because you were wanting to get away from those annoying “young pups.” Maybe you saw in my eyes a kindred spirit of one who was comfortable enough in their own skin to be alone, while at the same time desiring companionship, but not knowing exactly how to be a companion. Maybe you saw Jenny and sensed the love that she had for me, and knowing we had that kindred spirit that she would love you in the same way. Maybe, in some mystical, intuitive way, you knew that in a few years a little boy was going to enter my life, and you chose us so that you could teach me about patience, selflessness, dependence, tenderness, forgiveness, and love to help prepare me to be his dad. I truly believe it is no coincidence that you came into my life 6 years ago, ten months before me and Jenny got married, and that you have left us a short 18 months after Dylan was born. Your work is done, and now you can rest.
Sam I Am, I am forever grateful for the love, life, and lessons you shared with me. I’m truly thankful that you got to be in Dylan’s life even if it was for just a short time. I know in many ways he was like those little annoying pups, but he loved his “dog!” I also know that you loved him, if for no other reason than the food he would drop and throw on the floor for you to eat. I hope you know that you weren’t just a pet to me, Jenny, Tyler, and Dylan, but you were family. 
Sam, you truly are a champion!

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