The Obstacle of Time

I have been thinking, trying to come up with what is my greatest obstacle as a writer in hopes of seeing how I can overcome that obstacle. For me it is time. I know that ultimately this is an obstacle for all of us, not just writers or artists, but also for mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters.

I have read of some authors who do all their writing at night. Others write in the morning. For the unpublished writer it is typically whenever they can get a moment. For the unpublished writer one of the things that we long for is to be able to write full time. This doesn’t happen for all of us but we still dream. In the end, whether we are published or not we continue to write.

Honestly, I haven’t found the balance yet. I would love to be able to take a year off from teaching and work a 2-3 day part-time job so I could spend a year focusing on my writing. Is this a feasible plan? I’m not sure just yet. I’m not saying it is impossible (especially if I met a wealthy single lady who wants to help a starving artist LOL JK), but there are many factors to consider. In the end, whether or not this plan could work is not the ultimate issue. Writing is a discipline and I have to discipline myself. I have to manage my time. Whether I can take a year off or not next year I still have to e disciplined.

How do you deal with the obstacle of time? Time management? Discipline?


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