Just a thought about Destiny

People who know me well, know that I have a strong belief in destiny, fate, or sovereignty; whichever word you choose to use. I believe there is no such things as accidents or coincidences, and that things happen in our lives for reasons. Some times we can see the reasons, but other times we may not understand the why. I can’t help but believe that everything that happens in our lives is to lead us to good things in our life.

This can be a tough concept for many people, even for myself. I don’t want to seem as though my attitude is “Que Sera Sera.” The reason that attitude scares me is because it seems to carry with it the attitude of not acting or reacting to a situation. It seems almost flippant. But on the other hand, whatever will be, will be. What I must understand is that I can’t let fear or obstacles stand in my way. There is a call to action and reaction in our lives.

This morning while enjoying my coffee and oatmeal I turned on my TV and stumbled upon a good/sweet movie that I had never heard of. In the movie, Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, there was a quote that got me to thinking on this topic. Mrs. Palfrey is speaking with another character and says, “Things are meant to happen. Destiny might lead us to the pond, but the rest is up to us.”

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?


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One Response to Just a thought about Destiny

  1. Carolyn says:

    I must agree with you on this in life Mike. Many things we fail to see yet, right in front of us. It is the choice if we want to jump in that pond or stand on the side and never get our feet wet. As I say What is for you will not pass you in life. If it passes it may be difficult to understand yet after we realize the meaning of destiny……….. I will be singing the song all day..lol


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